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Welcome to our website. We are the proud new owners of a Grand Design "Imagine" 30' Travel Trailer and we are looking forward to sharing our travel experiences with all of you.

Our home base is Orange County, CA so for now - we will be exploring all the beauty that lies right here in our own state! We have already tried out our new trailer in the Sequoia National Park area, Shaver Lake area and Mammoth Lakes area.

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June Lake Fishing 2019

A Beautiful Day of Fishing on June Lake in the Eastern Sierra Mountains! Enjoy the Video!

Fishing at Silver Lake, CA

Our first visit to Silver Lake on the June Lake Loop in the Eastern Sierra Mountains, CA. What a Beautiful Lake!! The water was still Very cold which didn't give us great fishing conditions....we will be back!

Cava Robles RV Resort in Paso Robles, CA

Our first visit to the beautiful Cava Robles RV Resort in Paso Robles, CA. 

Sequoia National Park in March, 2018

Our visit to Sequoia National Park in March, 2018. One trip to this park is NOT enough....you need to visit it in Winter, Spring, Fall.... and Summer if you can do it on a Week Day- extremely crowded in the summer! The Giant Forest wil take your breath away!

Kings Canyon National Park in March, 2018

Don't wait until Summer to visit your National Parks! They are MUCH less crowded in the Winter, Spring and Fall and the color are always changing. This is a March visit to Kings Canyon National Park in California's Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Crystal Cove State Park - Moro Campground

A weekend trip 30 minutes from out home. What a great campground right above Pacific Coast Highway North of Laguna Beach, CA. 

Crystal Cave in Sequoia National Park

Our first visit to CRYSTAL CAVE in Sequoia National Park in August, 2017. It was a HOT day....but well worth the half mile walk down to the cave. Inside Crystal Cave the temperature is in the low 50's - refreshing!! The walk back up is a bit steep, and exahausting, but beautiful due to all the waterfalls and trees along the way! We would definitely suggest wearing Closed Toe Shoes and bring a Water Bottle!!

Mammoth Lakes

Check out this great video! Visiting the spectacular Lake Mamie and Twin Lakes in Mammoth Lakes, CA. The Twin Falls is AMAZING after a great winter of rain and snow! Spectacular views!

Camp High Sierra-Mammoth

Our first visit to Camp High Sierra in Mammoth Lakes, CA - June, 2017. We fished at Convict Lake, June Lake and Lake Mary catching some nice Rainbow Trout. We visited Lake Crowley, Lake George, Lake Mamie and Twin Lakes. It was a warm JUNE weekend with Mammoth Mountain still open for skiing! We can't wait to go back next year! 

Lake Mary and Lake George

Check out this great video from our trip to Mammoth Lakes, CA. 

Convict Lake, CA

Check out this great video of our trip to Convict Lake, CA the end of June, 2017.

Sequoia national Park - 2017

Check out this great video of our trip to Sequoia National Park, CA in May of 2017. We visited The Largest Tree in the WORLD  - General Sherman Tree!

Sequoia national Park - 2017

Enjoy this relaxing drive through Sequoia National Park in May, 2017.

Shaver lake, CA - 2017

Check out this great video of fishing and enjoying Camp Edison at Shaver Lake, CA in June, 2017.

Sequoia RV Ranch - 2017

Check out this great video of our stay at Sequoia RV Ranch in Three Rivers, CA outside Sequoia National Park, CA in May of 2017.

Backyard Visitors

This Rufous or Allen's Hummingbird is a new visitor to our backyard feeder. 

The Nutmeg Mannikin

This bird  showed up in our backyard - it is actually a native bird of Tropical Asia but was recently added to the California List of Birds! The Nutmeg Mannikin - or Spice Finch- feeds on mostly seed and LOVES our bird feeder!

The Black-headed Grosbeak

This bird showed up in our backyard this morning - it was a rather BIG surprise! The Black-Headed Grosbeak is substantially bigger than all the other birds at our bird feeder and it is QUITE colorful!! What a beautiful Bird!!